Pujitha Uduwana Cricket Championship.

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We cordially invite 48 Cricket Teams to participate for the PUSA CUP Cricket championship.

PUSA Ground is the 2nd largest International Cricket Ground in Sri Lanka with an 80m radius. It is situated within the serenity of the Millaniya Village and within close proximity to the Bandaragama exit of the Southern Highway.

PUSA – LEISURE CUP is organized as a promotional campaign for the PUSA Ground Millaniya.

PRIZES : Champs – Rs.1,000,000.00
Runners up – Rs.500,000.00
Best Batsman of the tournament – Rs.100,000.00 (highest runs scorer)
Best bowler of the tournament – Rs. 100,000.00 (highest wicket taker)

v All first-round matches will be played with a red ball and all expenses will be borne by the teams equally.

v From the 2nd round of the tournament will be white ball cricket and the organizers will provide the following.

·        Cricket Ground

·        Umpires and scorer fees

·        Lunch

·        Tea

·        Ball

·        One playing kit (color) will be provided for 15 players on each side.

v There are 16 groups in the tournament, (3 in one group).

v Every team will play 2 matches in the first round.

v Selection of the groups will be done by drawing numbers among the captains.

v All the grounds will be evaluated by the tournament committee and they will certify the condition of the ground. In case basic requirements are not available in the ground, the ground will be removed.

v In case any ground introduced by the home team other than the above certified ground, both teams must agree to play and inform the umpires before starting the match.

v Man of the match There will be a cash prize from each match as follows.

1.     Group Matches (1st round) : Rs.5,000.00

2.     Quarter Final matches (2nd round matches) : Rs.10,000.00

3.     Semi Final matches (3rd round) : Rs.25,000.00

4.     Final Match (4th round) : Rs.50,000.00

Note: The Man of the Match will be evaluated by the umpire and the scorer of the relevant match.

Man of the Match will be selected from the winning side.

The banking details of the Man of the match needs to provide to the scorer by the winning captain after the match. 


Who are the eligible teams for the matches?

Ø This tournament is for getting those who are not playing tournaments conducted by the Sri Lanka Cricket except Division II tournament. Therefore, those who played 2022, 2023 & 2024 tournaments conducted by the Sri Lanka Cricket are not eligible to play in this tournament.

Ø Entry fee will be Rs.100,000.00 from each team and according to 1st come 1st served basis will be applicable for registration.

Ø The expected time of the tournament will be mid-April 2024 onwards depending on the registration.

Ø Rules and regulations will be forwarded to the relevant captain in due course.


For further clarifications please contact: Mr. P. L. Uduwana 0777 42 18 42

Email- [email protected]


Thank you.

Organizing Committee.

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